Typical dot com or newspaper advertisements in todayís economy will result in an overwhelming response of largely unqualified candidates.  Average hiring authorities donít have the time to adequately review this level of response and maintain the daily responsibilities of their ďreal jobĒ Greenhill Solutions will prescreen all candidates to your exacting job description and will present only four to six candidates for consideration.  We donít float paper and donít waste your time doing what we should be doing for you. 

My personal guarantee is that we will not propose a candidate that I would not hire for my own personal staff.  I hope that you can see the value of using Greenhill Solutions for your professional staffing needs and we look forward to working with you to satisfy your professional staffing needs as your business continues to grow.

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Introducing Ramsgate Outplacement Services

Companies today are facing challenging times. Declining sales, tightening budgets and layoffs are common conversations around conference tables every week. No one ever feels good about making the toughest decisions in business; layoffs. Let Ramsgate assist you to develop a comprehensive program for your displaced employees that fits their needs and your budget. Click here to visit Ramsgate.